This documentary provides insight into regional interests to help us understand Taliban successes in the Afghanistan conflict. The main focus is on the interests of neighbouring Pakistan and on Pashtun tribal interests that span the Afghan-Pakistan border. The film argues that any conflict in Afghanistan affects Pakistan and vice versa because of the porous and essentially illegitimate border.

Rethink Afghanistan is a full length documentary campaign that was released in six segments in real time, so they could analyze the war in Afghanistan as it unfolded. This videoclip is part 2 of the 6-part series.  Since filming in 2009, Osama bin Laden has been killed and the US has set a deadline for pulling its troops out of Afghanistan. Nonetheless, the documentary offers insights that are relevant today.


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War in Afghanistan TIMELINE
Taliban in Afghanistan 1989-2009  TIMELINE


Population: 30 million (July 2012 est.)
GDP per capita: US $1,000
Religion: Sunni Muslim – 80%; other Muslim – 19%; Other – 1%
Pashtuns in Afghanistan: 42%; Pashtuns in Pakistan: 15%  MAP
Children under the age of 5 years underweight: 33%

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